I moved to this apartment with huge windows last fall, the windows are so big the biggest curtains from Ikea couldn’t cover them. I can’t help noticing what outside the windows, the rain, the birds, and my neighbors who also couldn’t find appropriate curtains for their windows. The title was chosen spontaneously, I was listening “Songs of Faith and Devotion” by Depeche Mode while editing and decided to use the last song ”In Your Room” of that album as name for this project.

Using masks in photoshop to adjust tonal ranges is not the way I usually work (I usually make masks adjustment in Lightroom or Capture One before bringing images to Photoshop for pixel moving adjustment), I confused myself many times and end up play safe for this project. I did noise reduction and sharpening before bringing the files to Photoshop and cropped the photos in Lightroom after adjusting in Photoshop as well. It was a good practice for me overall.

I enjoyed this assignment and I would want to continue this project (spend more time on creeping on neighbors).