Interests in IMA and 3 Artists

Coming from a commercial photography and fine art studio background, I like to work with my hands. I enjoy the fantasy world that being created in the advertising world and the same time I found it’s hard to escape from what’s actually happening around the world. I’m interested in exploring possibilities and boundaries of non-fiction narrative. The only truth I believe is that truth is subjective. In my work, I want to enhance the subjectivity of “the truth” by add performance and rendered elements. From formal aspect, I am interested in working mix-media, with physical object and possibly projection. Also, the idea of unfolding space is important to me, such as working with mirrors, reflections, multiple screens and redocumenting installations. Topic wise, I’m interested in population, censorship and meaning behind temporary status.






Chitra Ganesh

Chitra Ganesh works in multiple medium including comics, installation, animation etc. Strong South-Asian pictorial forms are often included in her work.



Peggy Ahwesh

Pittsburg Trilogy(1983) was shot on super 8 sound which gives it a fragmented nature that highlights the marginal quality of this film. The filmmaker has wide arranged work and often place herself in the film purposely and use medium as a political act of refusal.

Ai Weiwei

A man who dances with handcuffs