Di Duan Ren Kou
 Installaiton  Size:70''x50''x50''  Media: Insulation board, foam glue, fabric, inkjet print, LED etc.      Last summer, my mom bought a luxurious car she always wanted, traveled to the countries she always wanted to go and she is doing really well in the business she likes. When we drove by our old apartment, in her brand-new car, she pointed at the neighborhood, and said, “I spent the happiest time of my life there”. The smile on her face and the joyful tone in her voice did not change, the topic soon went back to what to get for dinner but I can’t get this out of my head. In my memory as a little kid, she would always buy lifestyle magazines, flip through them and say, “how wonderful would it be if we can afford those beautiful things and traveling to all these places”. “I spent the happiest time of life there”, it came up at the one of the most casual conversation and seems soon been forgotten. The idea of “the happiest time of life” haunts me. Do people aware when they having their best time of their life? How to define that moment when you are having an unprecedentedly great time and suddenly there’s voice in your head telling you, “right here, right now is the happiest moment of your life”? When one hears this voice, does this moment still count as “the happiest”? Would the fear of losing and the thought of “I will not be this happy ever again” make the happiest time become a self-hypnosis? I have no clue to the answers. With encouragement of a MICA faculty, I dug up my own memory to seek for “the happiest”. I found a photo of my loved one standing in my old kitchen that full out afternoon sunshine and steam are coming out of the coffee maker. “Untitled (Happiness)” was made with restless yet chaotic mind of the struggle for looking for the true happiness but could not helping it decay.
Untitled (Body)
Untitled (Box of Red)
Don't You Waste It
Vol. I (1/8)
The Highest Leviathan @Monty's Krown 2016